Silver Dollar Speedway: Other Sprint Car Classes

Included below are the win lists for the Spec Sprints, Economy Sprints, Non-Wing 410 Sprints & Non-Wing 360 Sprints.

Spec Sprints

Terry Schank Jr. en route to one of his 38 career wins at the Silver Dollar Speedway in the Spec Sprint Class.
(Photo By: Krazy KC Photography)
The Wingless Spec Sprints debuted at Silver Dollar on 6/18/04. They were a Friday Night Championship Class from 2005-2017, when the class was removed from the weekly schedule.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1Terry Schank Jr.3807/07/0605/12/17
2Darrell Hanestad1207/29/0510/11/08
3Billy Wallace1006/09/0606/18/10
4Tony Richards1005/01/1505/11/18
5Rowdy McClenon909/07/1109/27/13
6Jimmy Pettit804/18/0807/30/10
7Taylor Simas706/23/0606/24/11
8Keith Bloom Jr.605/16/0808/22/08
9Brandon Davis605/04/0707/03/09
10B.J. Martin509/06/0610/01/11
11Austin Liggett503/08/1309/06/17
12Justin Funkhouser406/16/0608/20/10
13Ron LaPlant403/29/1306/29/18
14Casey McClain404/21/1709/05/18
15Jimmy Sills307/16/1005/29/11
16Travis Moore306/13/0804/20/12
17Scott Hall303/10/1203/07/14
18Kalib Henry305/05/1709/30/17
19Shawn Jones303/09/1807/27/18
20Herman Klein207/22/0510/14/05
21Matt Streeter203/30/0705/26/07
22Charlie Marrs204/20/0707/04/07
23Kyle Hirst204/25/0807/11/08
24Ryan Bernal207/03/1009/30/11
25Tim Sherman Jr.205/02/1405/16/14
26Geoff Ensign209/04/1309/03/14
27John Clark210/03/1507/29/16
28Jason McIntosh106/18/0406/18/04
29Doug Brewer105/06/0505/06/05
30Jim Perry Jr.110/13/0510/13/05
31Bob Newberry104/28/0604/28/06
32Danny Olmstead105/05/0605/05/06
33Dave Sims108/25/0608/25/06
34Todd Miller106/15/0706/15/07
35Sparky Howard106/29/0706/29/07
36Cody Myers107/27/0707/27/07
37Tyler Wolf108/03/0708/03/07
38Marc Mackay103/21/0803/21/08
39Cortney Dozier107/04/0807/04/08
40Rob Russell103/27/0903/27/09
41Arvo Backholm103/28/0903/28/09
42Bobby McMahan104/24/0904/24/09
43Josh Bates105/08/0905/08/09
44Jay Youngman108/07/0908/07/09
45Kody Smith103/26/1003/26/10
46Brian Southers104/29/1104/29/11
47Alex Schutte105/13/1105/13/11
48D.J. Johnson103/09/1203/09/12
49Gary Paulson105/11/1205/11/12
50Don Emery107/26/1307/26/13
51Colton Slack109/28/1309/28/13
52Tommy Laliberte103/08/1403/08/14
53Shane Myhre103/06/1503/06/15
54Joe Stornetta103/07/1503/07/15
55Brett Youngman107/08/1607/08/16
56Jeremy Wilson108/26/1608/26/16
57Josh Vieira109/07/1609/07/16
58Craig Swim106/30/1706/30/17
59Nathan Schank109/08/2109/08/21
60Daniel Whitley109/09/2109/09/21

Economy Sprint Car/Crate Sprint

Brandon Powell on track at Silver Dollar Speedway in the Economy Sprint Class where he leads all drivers with 8 career wins.
(Photo by: RCM Design)
Economy Sprints Debuted on 6/22/12. They were a Friday Night Championship Class from 2013-2017 when they were taken off of the weekly schedule.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1Brandon Powell807/19/1307/31/15
2Wyatt Brown608/21/1505/06/17
3Tony Richards406/22/1205/10/13
4Scott Gannett407/04/1406/16/17
5Mike Ficklin306/04/1607/28/17
6Cameron Haney309/30/1608/18/17
7Doug Emery208/17/1203/29/13
8Jason Standley206/27/1408/01/14
9Justin Henry203/27/1504/17/15
10Cortney Dozier104/19/1304/19/13
11Ron Wyman104/26/1304/26/13
12Shawna Overton106/07/1306/07/13
13Rick Koster108/16/1308/16/13
14Nick Larson105/03/1405/03/14
15Chris Storey105/13/1605/13/16
16Adam Ermolenko105/05/1705/05/17
17Brett Youngman105/04/1905/04/19
18David Sims105/08/2105/08/21
19Cameron Haney Jr.105/30/2105/30/21

Non-Wing 410 Sprint Car

Damion Gardner celebrates his victory during the USAC/CRA portion of the 2016 Gold Cup at Silver Dollar Speedway.
(Photo by: Chucko’s Photos)
Included are Non-Wing 410 Sprint Car Events. All included events were run under CRA or SCRA Sprint Car banner.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1Damion Gardner409/04/1409/05/21
2Jerry Meyer204/14/8904/15/89
3Brent Kaeding104/13/9004/13/90
4John Redican104/14/9004/14/90
5Brad Noffsinger109/12/9009/12/90
6Lealand McSpadden109/11/9109/11/91
7Cory Kruseman108/20/9408/20/94
8J.J. Yeley108/12/9508/12/95
9Ryan Bernal109/10/1509/10/15
10Chase Johnson109/06/1809/06/18
11Carson Short109/04/2109/04/21
12Tim Green104/13/9104/13/91
13Ron Shuman104/12/9104/12/91

Non-Wing 360 Sprint Car

Kyle Larson celebrates his USAC Western Classic Series Sprint Car Win during the 2012 Gold Cup. One of two Western Classic Wins at the Speedway in his career.
(Photo by: Cleveland Digital Imaging)
Included are Injected Non-Wing 360 Sprint Car Results. All events run were under the USAC Western Classic Sprints banner.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1Kyle Larson209/08/1109/05/12
2Bill Rose103/11/1103/11/11
3Kody Swanson108/05/1108/05/11
4Kyle Hirst108/03/1208/03/12
5Jimmy Trulli109/05/1309/05/13
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