Content will be added as it is collected. I currently have Historical information for three Northern California tracks that will be uploaded.


I have put many hours of time and research into this project and now it’s time to share it with the world. I would also like to thank all who have assisted me in putting these lists together. Troy Hennig and Bobby Gerould for building the initial Silver Dollar Speedway Win List. Jimmy Montgomery, for his extended help in tracking down results for both Cycleland and the Red Bluff Outlaws. Dennis Gage & Ronald Plumlee for giving me access to some Racing Wheels News. All who helped provide old racing programs, photos, videos, etc. to assist me along the way. It has been a team effort and I’m grateful to all of those who have helped out.

Please enjoy taking a trip down memory lane as you look through race results, win lists, and photographs from the past to the present.

“So much of our history lies in preserving our past.”

-Peter Westbrook