Silver Dollar Speedway: Midgets and Micros

Included below are the win lists for Midgets, Midget Lites/Lightning Sprints, Focus Midgets, 600 Micros, & Sprint 100’s.


Jimmy Sills won many races at Silver Dollar Speedway. Including five BCRA Midget wins. One coming under the name Luke Warmwater back in 1989.
(Photo by: Courtesy National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Facebook Page)
Midgets have raced at the Silver Dollar Speedway off and on since 1966. Mostly under the BCRA banner. Races have also been contested under USAC and ASCS sanction.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1Jimmy Sills405/06/8909/18/96
2Bobby Morrow304/26/8006/04/83
3Dillon Silverman305/07/1007/23/10
4Rick Bissell209/02/7907/15/88
5Glenn Carson205/02/8705/05/90
6Terry Tarditi205/04/9109/16/92
7Billy Boat209/15/9309/15/94
8Travis Haugh206/25/1008/20/10
9Ryan Bernal203/23/1209/10/15
10Alex Schutte209/08/1609/07/17
11Billy Vukovich107/02/6607/02/66
12Dewayne Woodward107/06/6807/06/68
13Mike Smith108/30/8008/30/80
14Floyd Alvis109/05/8109/05/81
15Rick Haugh105/04/8505/04/85
16John Cordell104/26/8604/26/86
17Ray Derby104/28/8904/28/89
18Johnny Cofer105/02/9205/02/92
19Hank Butcher110/10/9210/10/92
20Jason McMillen110/15/9410/15/94
21Joey Tynan110/14/9510/14/95
22Danny Burton103/16/9603/16/96
23Britton Bock106/11/1006/11/10
24Rick Young107/03/1007/03/10
25Ryan Kaplan108/06/1008/06/10
26Kody Swanson103/11/1103/11/11
27Jonathon Henry108/05/1108/05/11
28David Prickett109/08/1109/08/11
29Ronnie Gardner109/05/1309/05/13
30Shannon McQueen106/27/1406/27/14
31Brian Gard109/04/1409/04/14
32Frankie Guerrini108/21/1508/21/15

Midget Lites/Lightning Sprints

Logan Seavey celebrating one of his two BCRA Midget Lite Main Event Wins at Silver Dollar Speedway.
(Photo by: John Sneep Photography)
Midget Lites have raced off and on at Silver Dollar Speedway since 1996. All races have been contested under BCRA sanction.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1John Riley Jr.307/12/9609/17/97
2Logan Seavey206/13/1406/12/15
3Harley Van Dyke103/16/9603/16/96
4Ted Harrison109/18/9609/18/96
5Tyler Franklin105/08/0405/08/04
6Jeff Griffin105/14/0505/14/05
7Doug Hunting109/07/0509/07/05
8Greg Griffin105/13/0605/13/06
9Jason Sneep107/01/1107/01/11
10Scott Kinney106/14/1306/14/13
11Scott Males106/10/1606/10/16
12Chris Dickey105/05/1705/05/17
13Connor Spier108/26/2208/26/22

Focus Midgets

Chance Crum celebrates winning the Ford Focus Midget Main Event during Fall Nationals in 2018 at Silver Dollar Speedway.
(Photo by: RCM Design)
Ford Focus Midgets are a limited midget class from the Northwest. They competed at Silver Dollar Speedway in 2017 & 2018 during the Fall Nationals.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1Chance Crum209/29/1709/28/18
2Colton Heath109/30/1709/30/17
3Jonathan Jorgenson109/29/1809/29/18

600 Micros

George Nielson en route to his first of two victories in 2017 at Silver Dollar Speedway in his 600 Micro.
(Photo by: RCM Design)
600 Micros ran three Non-Points paying races in 2017.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1George Nielson207/21/1708/25/17
2Tony Elosi106/09/1706/09/17

Sprint 100’s

Sprint 100’s competed off and on at Silver Dollar Speedway from 1992-2004.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1Tony Gaorian405/12/0107/24/04
2Doc Bogart308/13/9305/13/00
3Rick Koster205/11/0207/27/02
4Earl Prather106/19/9206/19/92
5Mike Tippets106/18/9306/18/93
6Kenny Brown Jr.107/29/9407/29/94
7Dennis Parker106/09/9506/09/95
8Jim Phifer106/26/9906/26/99
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