Silver Dollar Speedway: Late Models, Ltd. Late Models, and Ltd. Sportsmans

Included below are the win lists for the Late Model, Limited Late Model, and Limited Sportsman Classes.

Late Model

Richard Papenhausen (#4p) DOMINATED the Late Model Class at Silver Dollar Speedway. His 29 wins were far and away the most by any driver.
(Photo: From Richard Papenhausen Facebook Page)
The Late Model Class was a Friday Night Championship Class at Silver Dollar Speedway from 1992-1996. The Limited Sportsman Class opened up the rules to conform to Late Model standards halfway through the 1992 season.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1Richard Papenhausen3008/21/9208/30/96
2Tom Fisher1105/14/9308/11/95
3Dan Oliver806/03/9407/04/96
4Bill Pearson804/30/9304/21/00
5Sean Fenn704/10/9207/30/93
6Kevin Cilk605/23/9208/14/92
7Mark Abouzeid407/10/9208/13/93
8Mike Higby307/17/9208/28/92
9Ron Matthews206/19/9207/04/92
10Larry Damitz203/28/9203/28/93
11Matt Micheli205/13/9404/14/95
12Mark West205/27/9506/02/95
13Bill Hall205/31/9608/16/96
14Jack Dempsey103/24/9003/24/90
15Randy McDaniel107/03/9207/03/92
16Gene Fenn105/21/9305/21/93
17Jeremy Phillips105/20/9405/20/94
18B.J. Pearson106/17/9406/17/94
19Jason York107/21/9507/21/95
20Ken Micheli105/03/9605/03/96
21Bobby Hogge108/16/0808/16/08
22Chris Shannon107/19/0907/19/09
23Tom Mazucchi103/30/9103/30/91

Limited Sportsman

Delno Becker (#61) was King of the Limited Sportsman Class. He won 23 races and three Championships in the Class in the 80’s.
(Photo by: Art Spaulding)
The Limited Sportsman Class was a Friday Night Championship Class from 1985-1991. The class transitioned into the Late Model Class mid-season 1992.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1Delno Becker2308/16/8508/12/88
2Kevin Cilk1808/28/8705/15/92
3Mike Compton1307/19/8508/24/90
4Mike Higby1305/24/8705/02/92
5Charlie Newquist1205/10/8508/21/87
6Gene Fenn805/22/8707/12/91
7Mike Rockwell604/06/9008/16/91
8Don Dunlap504/18/8604/17/87
9Don Webber505/26/8507/04/89
10Rick Reeves405/24/8505/23/86
11David Newquist404/26/8508/22/86
12Mark Abouzeid507/13/9004/17/92
13Corey Kilmer305/17/8507/04/88
14Bobby Seals204/19/8506/07/85
15Larry Smock205/03/9106/07/91
16Dan Cannon204/26/9106/21/91
17Jack Pendergrass105/31/8505/31/85
18Steve Decker107/11/8607/11/86
19Jimmy Talk106/22/8806/22/88
20Frank Walker106/02/8906/02/89
21Larry Coker105/26/9105/26/91
22Ken Micheli105/04/9105/04/91
23Travis Holochwost108/23/9108/23/91

Limited Late Model

19 Wins and 4 straight Championships proved that Ryan McDaniel was the man to beat in the Limited Late Models at Silver Dollar Speedway.
(Photo by: RCM Design)
The Limited Late Model Class was a Friday Night Championship Class from 2011-2016 when they were removed from the weekly schedule.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1Ryan McDaniel1905/10/1308/19/16
2Jerry Bartlett704/30/1005/11/12
3Matt Micheli706/18/1007/08/16
4Randy McDaniel404/20/1208/03/12
5Thomas Arbogast205/20/1106/17/11
6Duane Cleveland208/15/1408/22/14
7Ken Micheli108/13/1008/13/10
8George Magenheimer107/08/1107/08/11
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