Red Bluff Outlaws: Junior Open

This page lists all of the drivers that won a Main Event in the Junior Open Class with the Red Bluff Outlaws between the 1987/1988 and 1990/1991 seasons.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1Jonathan Allard911/19/8802/09/91
2Lance Woolf512/05/8712/02/89
3Bud Walberg412/09/8901/19/91
4Jason White210/24/8701/09/88
5Stephen Allard212/12/8710/28/89
6Chirs Carter202/13/8811/04/89
7Chris Goody202/03/9002/10/90
8Ryan Zeck201/05/9102/02/91
9Scott Ward212/16/8902/23/91
10Rick Blake111/07/8711/07/87
11Dean Bare111/05/8811/05/88
12Wade Youngblood110/14/8910/14/89
13Eddie Robinson101/06/9001/06/90
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