Silver Dollar Speedway: Dirt/A Modifieds & Sport/B Modifieds

Included below are the win lists for both the Dirt Modifieds and the Sport/B Modifieds at Silver Dollar Speedway.

Dirt/A Modified

Randy McDaniel is one of the top drivers to ever compete at the Silver Dollar Speedway. He is tied for second overall in career wins with 71 at the Speedway.
(Photo by: RCM Design)
The Dirt Modified Class was a Friday Night Championship Class from 1996-2015 when they were removed from the weekly schedule and replaced by the Sport Modified Class.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1Randy McDaniel6707/14/9507/04/15
2Ryan McDaniel4603/28/0308/14/15
3Richard Papenhausen4205/25/9606/14/13
4Mike Sohnery3508/01/9708/22/08
5Mark Abouzeid3508/20/9908/26/11
6Duane Cleveland2006/07/0208/28/15
7Matt Micheli1504/05/9605/25/03
8Dustin Jenks704/07/0005/26/01
9Bud Walberg504/26/9608/06/99
10Joey Hubbard508/07/9808/13/99
11Sean Becker505/21/9904/21/00
12Richard Brace Jr.408/14/9804/14/00
13Ken Micheli306/16/0006/08/01
14Scott Busby306/18/9305/03/02
15Daniel Becker308/03/0106/20/03
16Scott Lenz205/05/0606/13/08
17Travis Perry209/30/1110/01/11
18Jeff Olschowka203/27/0908/24/12
19Nick DeCarlo203/08/1303/07/14
20Kellen Chadwick203/09/1203/08/14
21Troy Foulger209/27/1403/06/15
22Ron Matthews106/17/9406/17/94
23Cortney Dozier106/16/9506/16/95
24Mike Compton106/18/9906/18/99
25Charlie Marrs107/13/0107/13/01
26John Sloan105/10/0205/10/02
27Larry Damitz105/31/0205/31/02
28Bart Reid107/26/0207/26/02
29B.J. Martin108/22/0308/22/03
30Tony Massey106/18/0406/18/04
31Kris Thommen108/13/0408/13/04
32Dustin Massey106/16/0606/16/06
33Dave Duste Jr.104/11/0804/11/08
34Eric Turner103/27/1003/27/10
35Kevin Pendergrass105/20/1105/20/11
36Joe Olschowka107/04/1107/04/11
37Curtis Towns103/10/1203/10/12
38Oreste Gonella104/06/1204/06/12
39Troy Morris Jr.109/26/1409/26/14
40Cody Burke103/11/1703/11/17
41Clint Reichenbach105/08/2105/08/21

Sport/B Modified

Phillip Shelby on his way to his record setting 11th Career Win in the Sport/B Modified Class at Silver Dollar Speedway!
(PC: Christina Meeds Photography)
The Sport/B Modified Class has been a Friday Night Championship Series Class since 2016. It took the place of the traditional Dirt Modified Class.
RankDriver NameWinsFirst WinLast Win
1Phillip Shelby1305/13/1607/04/22
2Brian Cooper1004/15/1605/03/19
3Matt Micheli407/04/1907/04/21
4Andrew Peckham303/30/1804/19/19
5Mark Abouzeid207/04/1609/09/16
6Jerry Bartlett206/03/1605/04/18
7Jeremy Phillips206/14/1906/28/19
8Todd Cooper203/31/1708/22/19
9Tyler Rodgers208/04/1708/23/19
10Keith Foux208/26/2209/08/22
11Fred Ryland104/01/1604/01/16
12Howard Law106/10/1606/10/16
13Matthew Mayo105/12/1705/12/17
14Nick Spainhoward107/28/1707/28/17
15Justin Foux105/05/1805/05/18
16Jim Lipke107/13/1807/13/18
17Jimmy Ford108/24/1808/24/18
18Guy Ahlwardt105/10/1905/10/19
19Tyler Bannister105/08/2105/08/21
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