Silver Dollar Speedway: 1998

DateClassFast Qual.Main Event WinnerCar Owner/#Event
03/14/98410ciBrent Kaeding – 11.494Paul McMahanSullivan #01Mini Gold Cup
03/29/98360ciKasey Kahne – 12.774Randy TinerTiner #83Silver Cup Prelim
03/30/98360ciNo QualifyingKasey KahneKahne #23kSilver Cup Finale
03/30/98Dirt ModifiedRandy McDaniel – 16.347Richard Papenhausen Silver Cup Finale
03/30/98Pure StockPhil Marino – 18.344Mark Prentice Silver Cup Finale
04/11/98410ciBrent Kaeding – 12.188Randy TinerTiner #83Golden State Challenge
04/17/98410ciTim Kaeding – 12.910Tim KaedingCosper #6Point Race
04/17/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRandy McDaniel Point Race
04/17/98Pure StockNo QualifyingScott Rogers Point Race
04/24/98410ciSean Fenn – 13.106Tim KaedingCosper #6Point Race
04/24/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRandy McDaniel Point Race
04/24/98Pure StockNo QualifyingBrian Boswell Point Race
05/15/98410ciBrent Kaeding – 11.938Brent KaedingM&M Racing #2mPoint Race
05/15/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRandy McDaniel Point Race
05/15/98Pure StockNo QualifyingPhil Marino Point Race
05/23/98360ciNo QualifyingDan MenneMenne #75Pacific Sprints
05/23/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRichard Papenhausen Point Race
05/23/98Pure StockNo QualifyingChris Manner Point Race
06/05/98410ciSean Fenn – 12.357Jimmy TrulliTrulli #33tPoint Race
06/05/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRandy McDaniel Point Race
06/05/98Pure StockNo QualifyingMark Stackhouse Point Race
06/26/98410ciSean Fenn – 12.363Roger Crockett Point Race
06/26/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRichard Papenhausen Point Race
06/26/98Pure StockNo QualifyingKelly Hutchins Point Race
07/01/98410ciNo QualifyingBrent KaedingM&M Racing #2mNARC
07/04/98410ciSean Fenn – 13.706Tim Kaeding Point Race
07/04/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRichard Papenhausen Point Race
07/04/98Pure StockNo QualifyingDavid Newquist Point Race
07/10/98410ciSean Fenn – 13.046Shane Scott Point Race
07/10/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRichard Papenhausen Point Race
07/10/98Pure StockNo QualifyingMark Prentice Point Race
07/17/98360ciSean Fenn – 12.564Mike Henry#83aCalifornia Sprint Car Civil War Series
07/17/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRandy McDaniel Civil War Series Support Class
07/24/98410ciPeter Murphy – 12.140Kevin Pylant NARC 
07/25/98410ciBrent Kaeding – 12.511Randy TinerTiner #83NARC
07/31/98410ciSean Fenn – 12.327Sean FennFenn #36Point Race
07/31/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRandy McDaniel Point Race
07/31/98Pure StockNo QualifyingKelly Hutchins Point Race
08/07/98410ciSean Fenn – 12.570Ron McBride Point Race
08/07/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingJoey Hubbard Point Race
08/07/98Pure StockNo QualifyingScott Rogers Point Race
08/14/98410ciSean Fenn – 12.008Sean FennFenn #36Point Race
08/14/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRichard Brace Jr. Point Race
08/14/98Pure StockNo QualifyingMark Prentice Point Race
08/21/98410ciSean Fenn – 12.109Tim Kaeding Point Race
08/21/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRandy McDaniel Point Race
08/21/98Pure StockNo QualifyingKelly Hutchins Point Race
08/28/98360ciRoger Crockett – 12.499Shane Scott#7dCalifornia Sprint Car Civil War Series
08/28/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRandy McDaniel Point Race
08/28/98Pure StockNo QualifyingKelly Hutchins Point Race
09/16/98360ciAndy Forsberg – 12.677David Robinson Jr.Wimer/Robinson #4dCalifornia Sprint Car Civil War Series
09/16/98Dirt ModifiedNo QualifyingRandy McDaniel Gold Cup Race of Champions
09/17/98410ciRandy Tiner – 12.101Randy TinerTiner #83tWorld of Outlaws (Gold Cup Prelim)
09/18/98410ciJac Haudenschild – 11.910Andy HillenburgHillenburg #2World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Prelim)
09/19/98410ciNo QualifyingJac HaudenschildJack Elden #22World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Finale)
10/22/98360ciBrad Furr – 12.639Bobby McMahanFinkenbinder #3fPacific Sprint Fall Nationals Prelim
10/23/98360ci Brent Kaeding#69Pacific Sprint Fall Nationals Prelim
10/25/98360ciNo QualifyingRandy Tiner#39Pacific Sprint Fall Nationals Finale
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