Silver Dollar Speedway: 1993

DateClassFast Qual.Main Event WinnerCar Owner/#Event
03/12/93410ciRonnie Day – 11.944Steve KentHelm #11hMini Gold Cup Prelim
03/13/93410ciBobby McMahan – 11.492Brent KaedingBob Miller #69Mini Gold Cup Finale
03/28/93360ciJaime Cobby – 12.689Jaime CobbyFinkenbinder #3fSilver Cup Finale
03/28/93Late Model Larry Damitz Point Race
03/28/93Pure Stock Dan Jenks Point Race
04/02/93410ciBobby McMahan – 12.205Brent KaedingBob Miller #69NARC
04/03/93410ciRandy Tiner – 11.902Brent KaedingBob Miller #69NARC
04/09/93410ciJaime Cobby – 12.644Shane ScottMcMillen #2Point Race
04/09/93Late Model Sean Fenn Point Race
04/09/93Pure Stock Ben Madsen Point Race
04/16/93410ciGreg DeCaires – 13.021Brent KaedingBob Miller #69Point Race
04/16/93Late Model Sean Fenn Point Race
04/16/93Pure Stock Dick Appleby Point Race
04/23/93360ciRandy Tiner – 12.687N/AN/ARained out after B-Main
04/23/93Late Model N/A Point Race (Rained out after Heat Races)
04/23/93Pure Stock Don Dunlap Point Race 
04/30/93360ciJimmy Sills – 13.099Shane ScottMcMillen #2Pacific Sprints
04/30/93Late Model Bill Pearson Point Race
04/30/93Pure Stock Travis Moore Point Race
05/07/93360ciJaime Cobby – 13.130Jaime CobbyStarr – Gillespe #18Pacific Sprints
05/07/93Late Model Bill Pearson Point Race
05/07/93Pure Stock R.J. Laffins Point Race
05/14/93410ciBrent Kaeding – 12.469Brent KaedingBob Miller #69Point Race
05/14/93Late Model Tom Fisher Point Race
05/14/93Pure Stock R.J. Laffins Point Race
05/15/93410ciKevin Pylant – 12.367Eric RossiFilipich #98xNARC
05/21/93360ciJaime Cobby – 12.953Greg DeCaires Pacific Sprints
05/21/93Late Model Gene Fenn Point Race
05/21/93Pure Stock Dan Jenks Point Race
05/29/93360ciNo QualifyingRick Fauver Pacific Sprints
05/29/93410ciNo QualifyingPaul McMahanDeCaires #94Point Race
05/29/93Late Model Richard Papenhausen Point Race
05/29/93Pure Stock Travis Moore Point Race
06/11/93410ciShane Scott – 12.546Paul McMahanDeCaires #94Point Race
06/11/93Late Model Bill Pearson Point Race
06/11/93Pure Stock R.J. Laffins Point Race
06/12/93410ci Brent KaedingBob Miller #69NARC
06/18/93Dirt Modified Scott Busby Point Race
06/18/93Late Model Tom Fisher Point Race
06/18/93Pure Stock R.J. Laffins Point Race
06/18/93Sprint 100 Mike Tippets Point Race
06/25/93410ciBrent Kaeding – 13.251Brent KaedingBob Miller #69Point Race
06/25/93Late Model Sean Fenn Point Race
06/25/93Pure Stock Randy McNutt Point Race
07/02/93410ciDuane Scott – 12.237Brent KaedingBob Miller #69NARC
07/04/93360ciNo QualifyingMike Wasina Jr. Pacific Sprints
07/04/93410ciStephen Allard – 12.568Paul McMahan#94Point Race
07/04/93Late Model Mark Abouzeid Point Race
07/04/93Pure Stock Travis Holochwost Point Race
07/09/93410ciJaime Cobby – 13.740Jimmy Sills  
07/09/93Late Model Sean Fenn Point Race
07/09/93Pure Stock R.J. Laffins Point Race
07/17/93360ciRandy Tiner – 14.120Bryan Bullard#14pCalifornia Sprint Car Civil War Series
07/17/93Late Model Richard Papenhausen Point Race
07/17/93Pure Stock Ben Madsen Point Race
07/23/93360ciRandy Tiner – 15.010Randy Tiner Young #17Pacific Sprints
07/23/93Late Model Sean Fenn Point Race
07/23/93Pure Stock Ben Madsen Point Race
07/30/93410ciKevin Pylant – 13.080Brent KaedingBob Miller #69Point Race
07/30/93Late Model Sean Fenn Point Race
07/30/93Pure Stock Frank MacCallen Point Race
07/31/93410ciShane Scott – 12.969Steve KentHelm #11hGolden State Challenge
08/06/93410ciBobby McMahan – 13.272Brent KaedingBob Miller #69Golden State Challenge
08/07/93410ciBobby McMahan – 13.137Greg DeCairesBumgarner #88Golden State Challenge
08/13/93410ciShane Scott – 13.524Shane ScottMcMillen #2Point Race
08/13/93Late Model Mark Abouzeid Point Race
08/13/93Pure Stock Travis Moore Point Race 
08/13/93Sprint 100 Doc Bogart Point Race
08/20/93410ciDarrell Hanestad – 14.403Shane ScottMcMillen #2Point Race
08/20/93Late Model Tom Fisher Point Race
08/20/93Pure Stock Don Dunlap Point Race
08/27/93Late Model Richard Papenhausen Point Race
08/27/93Mini Stock Phillip Houston Point Race
08/27/93Pure Stock Ben Madsen Point Race
09/15/93MidgetJimmy Sills – 14.410Billy Boat Gold Cup Race of Champions (BCRA Midgets)
09/16/93410ciSteve Kent – 12.640Brent KaedingBob Miller #69World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Prelim)
09/17/93410ciStevie Smith – 12.853Randy HannaganTHR #1xWorld of Outlaws (Gold Cup Prelim)
09/18/93410ciNo QualifyingStevie Smith Hamilton #77World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Finale)
10/16/93410ciSteve Kent – 11.822Chuck MillerKoziar #24ktNARC
10/16/93Midget Jimmy Sills BCRA Midgets
10/22/93360ciScooter Lambert – 12.762Shane ScottMcMillen #2Pacific Sprint Fall Nationals Prelim
10/23/93360ciNo QualifyingGreg Brown#44Pacific Sprint Fall Nationals Finale
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