Silver Dollar Speedway: 1991

DateClassFast Qual.Main Event WinnerCar Owner/#Event
03/15/91410ciJoe Gaerte – 12.505Dave BlaneyChupp (Vivarin) #7cWorld of Outlaws
03/16/91410ciTerry McCarl – 12.418Brent KaedingBob Miller #69World of Outlaws
03/30/91360ciKevin Urton – 13.400Kevin UrtonPierson #13Silver Cup Finale (Qualified on 3/23 then rained out until 3/30)
03/30/91Late ModelBobby Hogge – 15.294Tom Mazzuchi Silver Cup Finale (Qualified on 3/23 then rained out until 3/30)
03/30/91Pure StockDick Appleby – 19.290John Donohue Silver Cup Finale (Qualified on 3/23 then rained out until 3/30)
04/06/91410ciKevin Pylant – 12.737Brent KaedingBob Miller #69NARC
04/12/91Non-Wing 410 SprintNo QualifyingRon Shuman USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
04/13/91Non-Wing 410 SprintNo QualifyingTim GreenOwen #14USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
04/19/91410ciRandy Tiner – 12.216Brent KaedingBob Miller #69NARC
04/26/91360ciBrian Crockett – 12.892Brian Crockett Pacific Sprints
04/26/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingDan Cannon Point Race
04/26/91Pure StockNo QualifyingRandy McNutt Point Race
05/03/91410ciMitch Sue – 12.667Delno BeckerBecker #61Point Race
05/03/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingLarry Smock#11Point Race
05/03/91Pure StockNo QualifyingDan Jenks#1Point Race
05/04/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingKen Micheli Point Race
05/04/91MidgetBilly Garcia – 14.442Terry Tarditi#64BCRA Midgets
05/04/91Pure StockNo QualifyingDan Jenks Point Race
05/10/91410ciBrent Kaeding – 12.074Tim GreenOwen #14NARC
05/11/91410ciRandy Tiner – 12.196Jason McMillenMcMillen #21NARC (Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial)
05/25/91360ciNo QualifyingKevin UrtonPierson #13Pacific Sprints
05/25/91410ciNo QualifyingShane Scott Point Race
05/25/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMark Abouzeid Point Race
05/25/91Pure StockNo QualifyingKen Gross Point Race
05/26/91360ciNo QualifyingMike Wasina Jr. Pacific Sprints
05/26/91410ciNo QualifyingGlen Boune Point Race
05/26/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingLarry Coker Point Race
05/26/91Pure StockNo QualifyingDan Jenks Point Race
05/31/91410ciGreg DeCaires – 13.023Greg DeCairesStarr #18Point Race
05/31/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMark Abouzeid Point Race
05/31/91Pure StockNo QualifyingDave Jahn Point Race
06/07/91410ciRandy Tiner – 12.907Duane ScottDuane Scott #?Point Race
06/07/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingLarry Smock Point Race
06/07/91Pure StockNo QualifyingRandy McNutt Point Race
06/14/91410ciDanny Burton – 13.397Brian Crockett Point Race
06/14/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Rockwell Point Race
06/14/91Pure StockNo QualifyingKen Butler Point Race
06/15/91410ciGreg DeCaires – 12.752Brent KaedingBob Miller #69NARC
06/21/91410ciShane Scott – 12.695Terry McCarlOffill (Country Builders) #88Point Race
06/21/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingDan Cannon Point Race
06/21/91Pure StockNo QualifyingRandy McNutt Point Race
07/04/91410ciShane Scott – 12.687Mike Hubert Jr.Hubert #56Point Race
07/04/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Higby Point Race
07/04/91Pure StockNo QualifyingWillie Blakely Point Race
07/05/91410ciPaul McMahan – 12.681Brian Crockett Point Race
07/05/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Higby Point Race
07/05/91Pure StockNo QualifyingR.J. Laffins Point Race
07/12/91410ciGreg DeCaires – 12.751Greg DeCairesStarr #18Point Race
07/12/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingGene Fenn Point Race
07/12/91Pure StockNo QualifyingDick Appleby Point Race
07/19/91360ciJaime Cobby – 13.942Jaime CobbyFinkenbinder #3fPacific Sprints
07/19/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Higby Point Race
07/19/91Pure StockNo QualifyingDan Jenks Point Race
07/26/91410ciDanny Burton – 12.522Danny BurtonBurton #75Point Race
07/26/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Higby Point Race
07/26/91Pure StockNo QualifyingRandy McNutt Point Race
08/02/91410ciDanny Burton – 12.516Tim GreenOwen #14Golden State Challenge
08/03/91410ciGreg DeCaires – 12.236Kevin PylantLovell #71Golden State Challenge
08/09/91410ciDanny Burton – 12.961Stephen Allard#7Point Race
08/09/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Higby Point Race
08/09/91Pure StockNo QualifyingTony Holochwost Point Race
08/16/91410ciStephen Allard – 13.145Mike Hubert Jr.Hubert #56Point Race
08/16/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Rockwell#61Point Race
08/16/91Pure StockNo QualifyingJ.R. Adams Point Race
08/23/91410ciGlen Boune – 13.191Glen BouneGary Mitchell #10Point Race
08/23/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingTravis Holochwost#21Point Race
08/23/91Pure StockNo QualifyingRandy McNutt Point Race
08/24/91410ciSteve Kent – 12.231Mike Hubert Jr.Hubert #56Golden State Challenge
08/30/91410ciGreg DeCaires – 12.723Greg DeCairesStarr #18Point Race (Pepsi Trophy Night)
08/30/91Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Higby Point Race (Pepsi Trophy Night)
08/30/91Pure StockNo QualifyingWillie Blakely Point Race (Pepsi Trophy Night)
09/11/91Non-Wing 410 Sprint Lealand McSpadden Gold Cup Race of Champions (USAC/CRA Sprints)
09/12/91410ciJoe Gaerte – 12.392Greg Brown#44World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Prelim)
09/13/91410ciDanny Lasoski – 12.534Steve KinserKarl Kinser #11World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Prelim)
09/14/91410ciNo QualifyingJoe GaerteWimmer #7twWorld of Outlaws (Gold Cup Finale)
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