Silver Dollar Speedway: 1990

DateClassFast Qual.Main Event WinnerCar Owner/#Event
03/09/90410ciBobby Davis Jr. – 12.746Brent KaedingBob Miller #69World of Outlaws
03/11/90410ciBobby Davis Jr. – 13.804Bobby Davis Jr.Casey Luna #10World of Outlaws
03/24/90360ciBrian Crockett – 14.087Brian CrockettCrockett #11Silver Cup Finale
03/24/90Late ModelChris Gwin – 15.050Jack Dempsey Silver Cup Finale
03/24/90Pure StockCharlie Marrs – 19.237Dave Jahn Silver Cup Finale
03/30/90410ciKevin Pylant – 12.703Brent KaedingBob Miller #69NARC
03/31/90410ciGreg DeCaires – 12.711Jason McMillenMcMillen #21NARC
04/06/90410ciBrent Kaeding – 13.302Danny Burton Point Race
04/06/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Rockwell Point Race
04/06/90Pure StockNo QualifyingDave Jahn Point Race
04/13/90Non-Wing 410 SprintRobbie Ferguson – 13.503Brent KaedingBob Miller #69USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
04/14/90Non-Wing 410 SprintBrad Noffsinger – 14.041John Redican USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
04/20/90410ciBobby McMahan – 12.564Jimmy SillsDanell & DeHart #5NARC
04/21/90410ciRick Hirst – 12.634Randy TinerRod Tiner #83NARC
04/27/90360ciBrian Crockett – 12.801Brian CrockettVan Ornum #7Limited Sprints
04/27/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Compton Point Race
04/27/90Pure StockNo QualifyingPaul Stephens Point Race
05/04/90410ciGreg DeCaires – 12.620Brian CrockettVan Ornum #7Point Race
05/04/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingKevin Cilk Point Race
05/04/90Pure StockNo QualifyingDave Jahn Point Race
05/05/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingKevin Cilk Point Race
05/05/90MidgetTerry Tarditii – 14.784Glenn CarsonBernie Pugh #70BCRA Midgets
05/05/90Pure StockNo QualifyingDave Jahn Point Race
05/11/90410ciBrent Kaeding – 12.144Tim GreenOwen #14NARC
05/12/90410ciHoward Codde – 12.989Tim GreenOwen #14NARC
05/18/90410ciDanny Burton – 12.398Danny Burton#75Point Race
05/18/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Rockwell Point Race
05/18/90Pure StockNo QualifyingJohn Donohue Point Race
06/01/90410ciDanny Burton – 13.011Brian Crockett Point Race
06/01/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Compton Point Race
06/01/90Pure StockNo QualifyingDan Jenks Point Race
06/08/90410ciGreg DeCaires – 12.949Greg DeCairesStarr #18Point Race
06/08/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Rockwell Point Race
06/08/90Pure StockNo QualifyingDave Jahn Point Race
06/15/90410ciBobby McMahan – 12.253Greg DeCairesStarr #18NARC
06/15/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingKevin Cilk Point Race
06/15/90Pure StockNo QualifyingRick Ingalls Point Race
06/16/90410ciBobby McMahan – 12.778Brian CrockettVan Ornum #7NARC
06/22/90410ciGlen Boune – 12.535Brian CrockettVan Ornum #7Point Race
06/22/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingKevin Cilk Point Race
06/22/90Pure StockNo QualifyingR.J. Laffins Point Race
06/29/90410ciDelno Becker – 12.765Greg DeCairesStarr #18Point Race
06/29/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingKevin Cilk Point Race
06/29/90Pure StockNo QualifyingJohn Donohue Point Race
07/04/90410ciNo QualifyingGreg DeCairesStarr #18Point Race
07/04/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Compton Point Race
07/04/90Pure StockNo QualifyingJohn Donohue Point Race
07/06/90410ciGreg DeCaires – 12.497Brian CrockettVan Ornum #7Point Race
07/06/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Compton Point Race
07/06/90Pure StockNo QualifyingJohn Donohue Point Race
07/13/90410ciGreg DeCaires – 12.506Greg DeCairesStarr #18Point Race
07/13/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMark Abouzeid Point Race
07/13/90Pure StockNo QualifyingJohn Donohue Point Race
07/20/90360ciBrian Crockett – 12.834Dave DavidsonDavidson #3dPoint Race
07/20/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingKevin Cilk Point Race 
07/20/90Pure StockNo QualifyingWillie Blakely Point Race
07/27/90410ciGlen Boune – 12.696Mitch Sue Point Race
07/27/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Higby Point Race
07/27/90Pure StockNo QualifyingWillie Blakely Point Race
08/03/90410ciJim Appleton – 12.561Randy TinerTiner #83NARC
08/04/90410ciBobby McMahan – 12.836Brent KaedingBob Miller #69NARC
08/10/90410ciGreg DeCaires – 12.760Greg DeCairesStarr #18Point Race
08/10/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingKevin Cilk Point Race
08/10/90Pure StockNo QualifyingDan Jenks Point Race 
08/17/90410ciRandy Tiner – 13.071Greg DeCairesStarr #18Point Race
08/17/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMark Abouzeid Point Race
08/17/90Pure StockNo QualifyingDan Jenks Point Race
08/24/90410ciDanny Burton – 13.795Greg DeCairesStarr #18Point Race
08/24/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Compton Point Race
08/24/90Pure StockNo QualifyingR.J. Laffins Point Race
08/31/90410ciMitch Sue – 12.699Randy TinerTiner #83Point Race (Pepsi Trophy Night)
08/31/90Limited SportsmanNo QualifyingMike Rockwell Point Race (Pepsi Trophy Night)
08/31/90Pure StockNo QualifyingJohn Donohue Point Race (Pepsi Trophy Night)
09/12/90Non-Wing 410 SprintRon Shuman – 14.339Brad NoffsingerGardner #3Gold Cup Race of Champions (USAC/CRA Sprints)
09/13/90410ciSteve Kinser – 12.478Steve KinserKarl Kinser #11World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Prelim)
09/14/90410ciRandy Tiner – 12.671Chuck MillerDon Berry #7World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Prelim)
09/15/90410ciNo QualifyingSteve KinserKarl Kinser #11World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Finale)
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