Silver Dollar Speedway: 1984

DateClassFast Qual.Main Event WinnerCar Owner/#Event
03/31/84Hobby StockLeroy Perry – 18.366Jay McCleary Silver Cup
03/31/84Super StockDane Smith – 14.131Dane Smith Silver Cup
04/07/84410ciWayne Sue – 13.280Dan Main#35NARC
04/14/84410ciChuck Gurney – 13.299LeRoy VanConettBob Neilson #?NARC
04/20/84410ciNo QualifyingRick HirstStarr #18Point Race
04/20/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingRick Reeves Point Race
04/20/84Super StockNo QualifyingBill Hall Point Race
04/27/84410ciNo QualifyingJohnny Pearson Point Race
04/27/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingAl Johnston Point Race
04/27/84Super StockNo QualifyingMark Welch Point Race
05/11/84410ciNo QualifyingJimmy SillsLovell #71Point Race
05/11/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingCorey Kilmer Point Race
05/11/84Super StockNo QualifyingMark Welch Point Race
05/18/84410ciNo QualifyingJimmy SillsLovell #71Point Race
05/18/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingCharlie Newquist Point Race
05/18/84Super StockNo QualifyingMike Koehnen Point Race
05/19/84410ciJimmy Sills – 14.231Rendy BoldriniEd Watson #78NARC
05/25/84410ciNo QualifyingJimmy SillsLovell #71Point Race
05/25/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingAl Johnston Point Race
05/25/84Super StockNo QualifyingMike Koehnen Point Race
05/27/84410ciNo QualifyingJimmy SillsLovell #71Point Race
05/27/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingRick Reeves Point Race
05/27/84Super StockNo QualifyingKen Micheli Point Race
06/01/84410ciNo QualifyingChuck Gurney  Quentin Bammer #11nPoint Race
06/01/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingEverett Johnson Point Race
06/01/84Super StockNo QualifyingGene Fenn Point Race
06/02/84410ciMitch Sue – 14.675Jimmy SillsLovell #71NARC
06/08/84410ciNo QualifyingJimmy SillsLovell #71Point Race
06/08/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingCorey Kilmer Point Race
06/15/84410ciNo QualifyingMitch Sue Point Race
06/15/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingEverett Johnson Point Race
06/22/84410ciMitch Sue – 13.761Brian Crockett Point Race (Time Trials used for first time since 1981 for weekly show)
06/22/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingEverett Johnson Point Race
06/29/84410ciJimmy Sills – 13.280Jimmy SillsLovell #71Point Race
06/29/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingBobby Seals Point Race
07/04/84410ciJimmy Sills – 13.421Johnny Pearson  Jack Gordon #1cPoint Race
07/04/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingBob Bremner Point Race
07/06/84410ciJimmy Sills – 13.684Mitch Sue Point Race
07/06/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingBobby Seals Point Race
07/07/84410ciJimmy Sills – 13.698LeRoy VanConettBob Neilson #?NARC
07/13/84410ciJimmy Sills – 13.511Jimmy SillsLovell #71Point Race
07/13/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingBobby Seals Point Race
07/14/84410ciJimmy Sills – 14.386LeRoy VanConettBob Neilson #1NARC
07/20/84410ciTommy Southam – 14.270Dave Bradway Jr.Lamar #3Point Race
07/20/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingBobby Seals Point Race
07/27/84410ciTim Green – 13.702Tim GreenEd Watson #78Point Race
07/27/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingRick Reeves Point Race 
07/28/84410ciTim Green – 14.005Tim GreenEd Watson #78NARC
08/03/84410ciMitch Sue – 14.253Dave Bradway Jr.Lamar #3Point Race
08/03/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingEverett Johnson Point Race
08/10/84410ciDave Bradway Jr. – 14.104Tommy SouthamLovell #71nPoint Race
08/10/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingCharlie Newquist Point Race
08/17/84410ciMike Sue – 13.572Danny Burton Point Race
08/17/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingRick Reeves Point Race
08/24/84410ciTim Green – 13.375Mitch Sue Point Race
08/24/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingBob Bremner Point Race
08/25/84410ciLeRoy VanConett – 14.828LeRoy VanConett NARC
08/31/84410ciDave Bradway Jr. – 13.984Dave Bradway Jr. Point Race
08/31/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingEverett Johnson Point Race
09/07/84Hobby StockNo QualifyingRick Higby Point Race
09/20/84410ciJimmy Sills – 12.702Tim GreenEd Watson #78World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Prelim)
09/21/84410ciGary Hylton – 14.055Chuck GurneyQuentin Bammer #11nWorld of Outlaws (Gold Cup Prelim)
09/22/84410ciNo QualifyingSteve KinserKarl Kinser #11World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Finale)
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