Silver Dollar Speedway: 1982

DateClassFast Qual.Main Event WinnerCar Owner/#Event
03/28/82Hobby StockDave Jahn – 20.928Mike Smithhart Silver Cup
03/28/82Super StockTony Valente – 15.657Dane Smith Silver Cup
04/17/82410ciNo QualifyingJohnny Tiner Open Competition
04/17/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingSteve McClaskey Point Race
04/17/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingShane Scott Point Race
04/17/82Super StockNo QualifyingMark Welch Point Race
04/23/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingDave Fleming Point Race
04/23/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingTommy Southam#25nPoint Race
04/23/82Super StockNo QualifyingTony Valente Point Race
05/01/82410ciJimmy Sills – 13.517Gary PattersonRoss-Zieske #56NARC
05/01/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingDave Fleming Point Race
05/07/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingDave Fleming Point Race
05/07/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingShane Scott Point Race
05/07/82Super StockNo QualifyingTony Valente Point Race
05/14/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingTom Winslow Point Race
05/14/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingShane Scott Point Race
05/14/82Super StockNo QualifyingKen Micheli Point Race
05/21/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingWarren Myers Point Race
05/21/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingMitch Sue Point Race
05/21/82Super StockNo QualifyingKen Micheli Point Race
05/28/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingDave Fleming Point Race
05/28/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingTommy Southam Point Race
05/28/82Super StockNo QualifyingTom Barbour Point Race
05/30/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingDave Fleming Point Race
05/30/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingMitch Sue Point Race
05/30/82Super StockNo QualifyingTom Barbour Point Race
06/04/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingBud West Point Race
06/04/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingMitch Sue Point Race
06/04/82Super StockNo QualifyingMark Welch Point Race
06/11/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingDave Fleming Point Race
06/11/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingWayne Sue  Point Race
06/11/82Super StockNo QualifyingMark Welch Point Race
06/18/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingRick Reeves Point Race
06/18/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingWayne Sue Point Race
06/18/82Super StockNo QualifyingMark Welch Point Race
06/25/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingDave Fleming Point Race
06/25/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingWayne Sue Point Race
06/25/82Super StockNo QualifyingMark Welch Point Race
07/02/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingSteve McClaskey Point Race
07/02/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingMitch Sue Point Race
07/02/82Super StockNo QualifyingTony Valente Point Race 
07/04/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingJack McClellan Point Race
07/04/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingMitch Sue Point Race
07/04/82Super StockNo QualifyingKen Micheli Point Race
07/09/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingDave Fleming Point Race
07/09/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingShane Scott Point Race
07/09/82Super StockNo QualifyingMark Remund Point Race
07/16/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingJim Mootz#07Point Race
07/16/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingWayne SueLovell #71Point Race
07/16/82Super StockNo QualifyingDon Tilford Point Race
07/23/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingJim Mootz#07Point Race
07/23/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingWayne SueLovell #71Point Race
07/23/82Super StockNo QualifyingKen Micheli#96Point Race
07/30/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingDave Fleming Point Race
07/30/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingWayne SueLovell #71Point Race
07/30/82Super StockNo QualifyingMike Menne#55Point Race
08/06/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingSteve McClaskey Point Race
08/06/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingShane Scott#2Point Race
08/06/82Super StockNo QualifyingMark Welch Point Race
08/13/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingRick Reeves Point Race
08/13/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingWayne Sue Point Race
08/13/82Super StockNo QualifyingMark Welch Point Race 
08/20/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingJack McClellan Point Race
08/20/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingWayne Sue Point Race
08/20/82Super StockNo QualifyingDon Tilford Point Race
08/27/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingJim Mootz Point Race 
08/27/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingWayne Sue Point Race
08/27/82Super StockNo QualifyingMark Remund Point Race
09/03/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingDave Fleming Point Race
09/03/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingWayne Sue Point Race
09/03/82Super StockNo QualifyingMark Remund Point Race
09/10/82Hobby StockNo QualifyingBud West Point Race
09/10/82Super ModifiedNo QualifyingShane Scott Point Race
09/10/82Super StockNo QualifyingKen Micheli Point Race
09/23/82410ciJac Haudenschild – 12.694Brad DotyBowers Coal #28World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Prelim)
09/24/82410ciJack Hewitt – 13.203Jimmy SillsBailey Bros. #01World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Prelim)
09/25/82410ciNo QualifyingDoug WolfgangGary Stanton #75World of Outlaws (Gold Cup Finale)
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