Silver Dollar Speedway: 1980

DateClassFast Qual.Main Event WinnerCar Owner/#Event
04/13/80Hobby StockDave Fleming – 18.587Bud West Point Race
04/13/80Super ModifiedWayne Sue – 15.357Wayne SueLovell #71Point Race
04/13/80Super StockKen Micheli – 16.851Phil Arnold#65Point Race 
04/26/80MidgetGary Koster – 15.452Bobby Morrow#2BCRA Midgets
05/10/80410ciNorman Martin – 13.823Jimmy SillsJoel McCray #21Open Competition
05/16/80Hobby StockBud West – 21.083Tom Winslow Point Race
05/16/80Super ModifiedWayne Sue – 14.756Wayne Sue Point Race
05/16/80Super StockCharlie Newquist – 18.460Tony Valente Point Race
05/23/80Hobby StockNo QualifyingSteve McClaskey Point Race
05/23/80Super ModifiedNo QualifyingAlan Bradway Point Race
05/23/80Super StockNo QualifyingCharlie Newquist Point Race
05/25/80Hobby StockNo QualifyingBill Riggins Point Race
05/25/80Super ModifiedNo QualifyingDave Bradway Jr. Point Race
05/25/80Super StockNo QualifyingKen Micheli Point Race
05/30/80Hobby StockDave Fleming – 20.544Steve McClaskey Point Race
05/30/80Super ModifiedDave Bradway Jr. – 15.962Dave Bradway Jr. Point Race
05/30/80Super StockKen Micheli – 18.602Ken Micheli Point Race
06/06/80410ciDoug Wolfgang – 13.404Steve KinserKarl Kinser #11World of Outlaws (Mini Gold Cup Prelim)
06/07/80410ciNo QualifyingSteve KinserKarl Kinser #11World of Outlaws (Mini Gold Cup Finale)
06/13/80Hobby StockSteve McClaskey – 19.869Dave Fleming Point Race
06/13/80Super ModifiedJackie Whitson – 15.274Wayne SueLovell #71Point Race
06/13/80Super StockTony Valente – 16.905Ken Micheli Point Race 
06/20/80Hobby StockDave Fleming – 19.204Dave Fleming Point Race
06/20/80Super ModifiedDave Bradway Jr. 14.408Rick Hirst Larry Nickelson #?Point Race
06/20/80Super StockCharlie Newquist – 16.910Charlie Boschi Point Race
06/27/80Hobby StockDave Fleming – 19.051Steve McClaskey Point Race
06/27/80Super ModifiedWayne Sue – 14.041Steve Scott Point Race
06/27/80Super StockTony Valente – 17.497Tony Valente Point Race
07/04/80410ciLealand McSpadden – 13.673Wayne SueLovell #71Open Comp Sprint Cars
07/04/80Hobby StockNo QualifyingDave Fleming Point Race
07/11/80Hobby StockDave Fleming – 19.371Bud West Point Race
07/11/80Super ModifiedWayne Sue – 15.042Wayne Sue Point Race
07/11/80Super StockTony Valente – 16.645Charlie Boschi Point Race
07/18/80Hobby StockDave Fleming – 20.635Steve McClaskey Point Race
07/18/80Super ModifiedDave Bradway Jr. – 14.980Mitch Sue Point Race
07/18/80Super StockKen Micheli – 18.016Charlie Boschi Point Race
07/25/80Hobby StockDave Fleming – 20.054Bud West Point Race
07/25/80Super ModifiedMitch Sue – 15.513Dave Bradway Jr. Point Race
07/25/80Super StockCharlie Boschi – 18.202Charlie Newquist Point Race 
08/01/80Hobby StockJoe Hassell – 20.508Cancelled (Driver Injury) Point Race
08/01/80Super ModifiedWayne Sue – 14.896Wayne Sue Point Race
08/01/80Super StockLeroy Vierra – 17.421Cancelled (Driver Injury) Point Race
08/02/80410ciWayne Sue – 13.419Johnny AndersonStarr #18Open Competition
08/08/80Hobby StockDave Fleming – 19.067Steve McClaskey Point Race
08/08/80Super ModifiedWayne Sue – 14.311Wayne Sue Point Race
08/08/80Super StockTony Valente – 16.546Tony Valente Point Race
08/15/80Hobby StockDave Fleming – 20.041Tom Winslow Point Race
08/15/80Super ModifiedWayne Sue – 14.486Wayne Sue Point Race
08/15/80Super StockTony Valente – 17.511Leroy Vierra Point Race
08/22/80Hobby StockVic Beers – 19.575Steve McClaskey Point Race
08/22/80Super ModifiedWayne Sue – 14.480Wayne Sue Point Race
08/22/80Super StockTony Valente – 16.215Tony Valente Point Race
08/29/80Hobby StockNo QualifyingSteve McClaskey Open Competition
08/29/80Super ModifiedJohnny Anderson – 13.974Ed OrganKornburst #99Open Competition
08/30/80MidgetJack Walker – 15.826Mike Smith BCRA Midget
09/05/80Hobby StockJoe Hassell – 19.228Steve McClaskey Point Race
09/05/80Super ModifiedWayne Sue – 14.384Wayne Sue Point Race
09/05/80Super StockKen Micheli – 16.723Tony Valente Point Race
09/12/80Hobby StockJohn Burg – 18.937Bill Riggins Point Race (Pepsi Trophy Night)
09/12/80Super ModifiedWayne Sue – 14.559Mitch Sue Point Race (Pepsi Trophy Night)
09/12/80Super StockTony Valente – 16.465Tony Valente Point Race (Pepsi Trophy Night)
09/19/80Hobby StockDave Fleming – 21.158Steve McClaskey Point Race
09/19/80Super ModifiedBrian Crockett – 15.069Wayne Sue Point Race
09/25/80410ciWayne Sue – 13.271Wayne SueLovell #71World of Outlaws
09/26/80410ciJohnny Anderson – 13.356Johnny AndersonStarr #18World of Outlaws
09/27/80410ciNo QualifyingJohnny AndersonStarr #18World of Outlaws
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